Our Story

During 1985…

My grandfather H.W. Hostetler founded Prairie Hybrids Seed Company to produce high-quality hybrid seed.

Today, we continue his legacy as a family-owned business committed to exclusively producing Non-GMO seeds. Prairie Hybrids connects the independent farmer to a reliable, trusted source of clean Non-GMO seeds, for sustainable quality and peace of mind.

Like my grandfather, and my father, I have commitment to healthy seed, healthy soil, and healthy animals, for the food my family eats. I started prairie Choice Grains to be an extension of their vision. Prairie Choice Grains sources from Prairie Hybrid’s customers to supply Non-GMO, gluten-free grains to our purification facility.

Prairie Choice Grains and our dedicated Non-GMO and Gluten-free grain-cleaning facilities complete our Food Chain Loop and connect the consumer to a healthier choice… Prairie Choice. – G Hostetler

Selected and Produced with your family in mind